The Role of MDM in Streamlining Your Onboarding Processes

Noah Edis
Noah Edis
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Today, you would be hard-pressed to find an organization that isn’t managing an entire fleet of mobile devices. Technology is hardwired into our processes from start to finish. Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is the process of keeping tabs on an organization’s devices – from the receptionist’s desktop to the on-call mobiles and take-home laptops. 

We implement MDM not just to keep things organized but also to maintain security, keep an eye on productivity levels, and make the onboarding process easier. Read on to take a closer look at MDM and how it changes the IT onboarding process for the better.

About MDM

MDM is made up of lots of tools and procedures that are made to manage, protect, and track mobile devices like

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

No matter where you or your employees are, you can use MDM to

  • Set up devices
  • Enforce security guidelines
  • Roll out applications
  • Keep track of device usage

Getting started with MDM is easy as can be. You just install some apps on your employees’ devices and use a control center to manage them. Whether people at your company are vacationing or flying business class, IT administrators have the last say on what happens with their company-affiliated devices and data.

Lots of businesses are making MDM a priority for

  • Security: Personal devices are all over the workplace, and that means your company data can walk out with those devices. IT teams can use MDM to lock or erase those devices if theres a leak, a loss, or any kind of emergency.
  • Boosting Productivity: By keeping an eye on devices, you make sure your employees are on the right apps at the right time, keeping them focused on company jobs.
  • Efficiency: With your IT team managing downloads, updates, and everything in between, your entire company stays up-to-date and ready to tackle projects with the latest in tech.

How to Find Success with MDM

Onboarding and all kinds of other company practices have blossomed with the help of MDM. Let’s discover why together.

With the help of MDM, you can make reports automatically on all kinds of tech info, which helps your IT team take action before a problem shuts you down. It also helps them make the best possible choices on IT procurement services and management.

You can also use MDM to track devices that have been lost or stolen, no matter where they are. This keeps company secrets safe and helps you make sure that those expensive devices stay with the right people, and it’s much easier than tracking them down yourself.

Remote onboarding has never been easier than with MDM. It helps you keep employees up to date and well-managed, even when you can’t stand over their shoulder or send them to tech support.

Components of MDM Tools

Device Tracking

MDM solutions like Dots can keep tabs on your devices in real time, helping you be sure of where devices are and what they’re being used for. There’s nothing scarier than losing a piece of tech equipment, but device tracking helps you manage all your tech and keeps you in the know.

Mobile Management

With MDM, you can set up employees with your company’s settings and apps, no matter what mobile device they have or where they’re working from. Mobile management makes sure all your devices are following company policy and no one is out of the loop.

Application Security

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workplace policies are popping up everywhere, and with that comes lots of security risks. MDM helps with application security by keeping tabs on what your employees do on their devices, like what they download or look up, keeping your company and employees safe.

Identity and Access Management

How do you keep company secrets safe, even in the company? MDM is the perfect solution. Using MDM’s identity and access management, you can make sure that only top-level employees can use their IDs to get access to the most secret info.

Endpoint Security

If you can’t find a lost device with mobile management, MDM has still got your back. You can use endpoint security to lock and delete data from lost devices, making sure your info doesn’t get into the wrong hands even if you never see it again.

Dots MDM Partners That Elevate Your Onboarding

Choosing the correct MDM partners for ongoing IT management and keeping your devices under the company’s umbrella safe and corporate-friendly is important.

Dots' integration partners

Dots’ platform tackle all your MDM needs with our certified partner check them, all out in our integration partners page.

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