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Dots simplifies your global logistics with smooth equipment delivery in more than 150 locations around the world. Collect or deploy company-owned devices from global teams in just a few clicks.

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Common challenges

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Dots offers the perfect asset delivery solution.

Logistical headaches disrupt your sleep

Dealing with customs and managing international shipments amplifies your frustration.

Remote deployments wastes all of your time.

You encounter issues and problems with almost every international delivery or deployment you handle.

Customization appears to be a tough challenge.

Working each asset to meet individual users’ or departmental needs consumes all your time and hampers efficiency and productivity.

Dealing with compliance hold you back

Remaining compliant is a persistent challenge, from navigating local rules to meeting international data protection requirements.

Financial constraints hinder expansion

Procurement, delivery, and IT asset management costly process strains your forecasted budgets.

Onboarding processes need

to be more consistent

The expense of procurement, delivery, and IT asset management pressures your planned budgets.

FAQ’s about IT delivery

When it comes to IT equipment delivery and deployment, our team provides end-to-end tracking and support, ensuring your equipment is efficiently delivered from point A to point B worldwide.

What are the common delivery times?

Dots’ delivery and IT deployment services range from 24 hours in countries where we have a local presence to up to 8 days for more remote locations

What are the needs for shipping boxes?

Dots recovery team will provide boxes packing materials to accommodate any hardware being stored. we’ll make sure to fit all of the assets that you need to recover. We use the information on our platform to optimize a smooth delivery experience for you and your team.

How does Dots deliver IT equipment?

For deployment we send the equipotent from Dots warehouse, local vendor or clients storge space to the requested address. For delivery we pick up the devices from the employee’s location, inspect the equipment at a warehouse, and store them until they redeployed. For any shipping delays or problems, our dedicated team or account manager will send updates. 

Can you deliver equipment globally?

Yes, Dots provides delivery and deployment services in over 150 countries. We use our world-class logistics network to ship equipment to the end users locally from in-country locations.

How much is it to ship a laptop with Dots?

Dots has a fixed retrieval fee per workstation that includes the pickup service, the technical inspection, and the device wiping for singed agreement clients. for individual pieces costs are currently manually calculated.

Additional Services

Need additional services? Browse our additional GLS options.

IT Asset management

Dots’ free IT asset management software will empower your team, streamline operations, and reduce costs by providing you with the industry’s leading asset-tracking software.

IT procurement

Meet all your IT procurement needs with our enhanced IT procurement services on dots platform for a seamless experience.

Storge & warehousing

Storge you IT equipment with Dots’ warehouses that are spared around the globe and enables IT asset management lifecycle at scale.


Integrate Dots’ platform with your preferred tools and platforms for a holistic experience. A smooth process for your employees It and HR teams.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Dots’ remote onboarding and offboarding services integrated with our GLS and IT asset management will Increased productivity bring faster time-to-value and reduced training overhead.

Delivery isn’t your thing, but it’s a huge task to handle

Let Dots take care of the hassle, making delivery easy so you can focus on your real work.


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