Dots’ Global Logistic Services

Our global logistic services (GLS) includes our ITAM software or compatible with an existing one, providing a full-cycle solution for IT and procurement teams in large enterprises, addressing global logistics problems and inefficiencies, streamlining processes and lowering costs.

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Global logistic services

What are the main aspects of global logistics?

Successfully running global logistics involves several critical elements. Dots’ global logistics services cover and streamline these elements with a world-class logistics and an extensive vendor network, ensuring logistics efficiency worldwide

IT procurement

GLS handles delivery timing, optimizes costs, and maintains quality standards, making it easy to achieve better ROI.


Delivery and deployment

GLS ensures smooth device deployment and retrieval in more than 150 countries with just a few clicks.

On/Off boarding

With GLS experience an on/offboarding process like never before: fast, easy, and simple, enhancing your employee experience.


Warehouse storage

A global logistics distribution warehouse network around the globe that enables managing equipment life cycles at scale.

Key features

Built with efficiency-enhancing features

All your IT equipment data

Simplify your employees’ IT equipment data, transition status and location with a easy to use design—no more messy spreadsheets!


Top integration partners

Effortlessly integrate with leading market solutions to ensure seamless functionality and compatibility of HR, finance, security and payroll.


Realtime assets tracking

Keep track of your equipment, deployments and storage space status, insurance status and Apple care expiration dates.


FAQs about GLS

Our Global Logistics Services (GLS) go beyond typical IT asset management. We deliver end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions for expanding businesses. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Do I need GLS?

Do you feel that logistics is your company’s Achilles’ heel?
Does dealing with IT purchasing and delivery frustrate you?
Are you facing fast growth and unsure how to equip new hires effectively?
Does your remote onboarding process feel like a traffic jam?

If you answered to any of these questions yes, then you need GLS!

How does it work?

Dots takes care of all your logistics and IT asset management needs with GLS, including IT purchasing and procurement, equipment delivery and deployment, storage and warehousing services, remote onboarding and offboarding, and even data wipe and recycling services – all managed seamlessly on one platform.

Where do we start?

Starting with a discovery call with one of our logistics experts to understand your organization’s logistics needs and projected growth rate, we will then provide you with a demo account to explore the platform. Finally, we will formalize the partnership with a written contract detailing the SLA, pricing, services, and responsibilities.

Is Dots secure and compliant?

Dots adheres to the highest compliance standards and is SOC2 and GDPR compliant. All of your data is encrypted, ensuring that only you have access to it. We maintain the highest security standards, partnering with leading providers such as Okta and Azure Security.

Additional Services

Need additional services? Browse our additional GLS options.

IT Asset management

Dots’ free IT asset management software will empower your team, streamline operations, and reduce costs by providing you with the industry’s leading asset-tracking software.

IT procurement

Meet all your IT procurement needs with our enhanced IT procurement services on dots platform for a seamless experience.

Delivery & deployment

Simplify your global logistics with Dots’ delivery and deployment options in more than 150 locations around the world.


Integrate Dots’ platform with your preferred tools and platforms for a holistic experience. A smooth process for your employees It and HR teams.

Storge & warehousing

Storge you IT equipment with Dots’ warehouses that are spared around the globe and enables IT asset management lifecycle at scale.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Dots’ remote onboarding and offboarding services integrated with our GLS and IT asset management will Increased productivity bring faster time-to-value and reduced training overhead.

Progress to next-generation
logistics with Dots.

Our platform serves as a one-stop shop, expertly designed to streamline logistics and asset management for growing organizations. Let Dots’ experts save you time so you can concentrate on growing your business.


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