Maximizing Efficiency and Savings with Zero-Touch Onboarding in IT Asset Management

Noah Edis
Noah Edis
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Zero-Touch ITAM

In a changing digital environment, good IT asset management (ITAM) is more important than ever as technology continues to play a huge role in the success of businesses. IT assets – like hardware, software, network infrastructure, and data storage – are a company’s bread and butter. They help them work well and stay great.

IT professionals are facing the big issue of managing these assets while keeping costs low. The old way of doing things usually ends in mistakes, lateness, and money lost, which makes companies want to embrace modern solutions like Dots, a strong platform that uses a world a class logistics network t help companies with their logistics.

In this article, we’ll tell you more all you need to know about ITAM, zero-touch onboarding, and how they work together.

Zero-Touch Onboarding: The Basics

Zero-touch or remote onboarding helps organizations quickly and easily put new IT assets in their stock hands-free. This automated process gets rid of any need for time-consuming and error-prone activities like 

  • data entry
  • asset tagging
  • configuration

Putting these new assets in your company with manual onboarding can be a lot slower and full of costly mistakes. By automating the entire process of zero-touch onboarding, organizations can 

  • save time
  • reduce costs
  • improve accuracy

Different teams in your company working together is a key part of zero-touch onboarding. The procurement team has to buy the new assets, the IT department has to manage those assets, and the logistics team handles where those assets go.

The zero-touch onboarding process can be summed up in just three easy, three letter steps:

  1. Buy: The procurement team purchase new IT assets. Dots platform helps with this stage at a global scale.
  2. Deliver: After the assets are purchased, they are delivered to where they need to go. Dots can do this automatically through their logistics network.
  3. Use: Once they get there, the assets are automatically put into inventory and set up for use without any human help.

Best Practices for Zero-Touch Onboarding in ITAM Asset Management

Working with IT assets yourself can be lengthy, hard work that can be messed up at the drop of a hat. Dots helps organizations their zero-touch onboarding process easy, fast, and cheap.

Here are some tips to help integrate zero-touch onboarding with ITAM asset management.

Automated Discovery

Zero-touch onboarding starts with making sure you automate IDing on all IT assets in your network, like devices, applications, and data storage sites.

Standardized Asset Tagging

Organizations can simplify asset tracking and managing by using an asset tagging system that they can use for all their devices. By giving each asset an ID, this process can be automated with zero-touch onboarding.

Configuration Management

IT professionals can easily set up new assets using zero-touch onboarding, which automatically adds pre-defined settings and options to each asset on arrival. This gets rid of hands-on tasks, reducing errors and time spent.

Integration with Procurement Processes

Putting together zero-touch onboarding and procurement helps organizations order and receive new assets when needed without a thought, making an easy transition from purchase to usage without anyone lifting a finger.

Real Time Monitoring

Dots’ powerful SaaS platform helps organizations keep track of their IT assets in real time, giving them a good look at their inventory and control over it. The system constantly makes changes or updates based on the assets, making sure your info is right.

Connect with Dots to Improve your Zero-Touch Onboarding Process

In a fast-paced digital world, businesses have to create a strong ITAM strategy. Dots helps organizations do this by using fast, cheap, and hands-off asset management.

Dots helps organizations make their ITAM asset management process the best it can be by using zero-touch onboarding. It works super well with the best IT management tools, making the entire asset lifecycle management process easy, from each stage of the process.

Dots’ SaaS platform also gives you instant access to all their assets around the world. This makes asset tracking and monitoring better while helping you make great decisions ahead of time.

So don’t wait any longer. Start using Dots today and take back control over your IT assets!

Noah Edis
Noah Edis
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