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Dots ITAM software enhances IT asset management with its world-class logistics network.
All your procurement, storge and delivery needs in one place.

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Core features

Dots’ platform comes with an array of features unbaling you to streamline IT asset management process

Reports and alerts

Access built-in templates or design custom reports for insights into key metrics. Get real-time alerts for low inventory or warranty expirations.

Multi-location asset management

Easily manage assets across multiple job sites, warehouses, and office locations. The platform allows for efficient tracking down to the last cabinet or shelf.

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Seamless integrations

Integrate with leading MDM and HRIS solutions such as Hibob, BambooHR, Jamf and Intune, as well as other productivity-enhancing apps for a smoother workflow.

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Full asset lifecycle

Track the depreciation status of your IT hardware from acquisition to retirement. We will inform you when it’s time to decommission and help collect or dispose of the equipment.

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Employees status

Easily track and manage employees IT equipment status across multiple job sites, warehouses, and office locations down to the last cabinet or shelf.

Dots advantages

Why Dots stands above the rest

Worldwide reach

Dots operates almost anywhere in the world allowing a global reach for all of your IT asset management and logistics needs.

Powerful interface

Dots streamlines all your IT asset management needs into a single, easy-to-use interface, accessible with just a few clicks.

Actionable insights

Dots’ reporting will Identify financial loss and asset misplacement to
reduce costs, increase productivity and maximize ROI.

Logistics experts

Working with supply chain and logistics experts to ensure your IT equipment meets every need and reliably reaches its destination.

Solving asset gaps

Dots’ assists global startups and enterprises in bridging their IT hardware gaps to enhance, optimized, and more efficient It asset management. Here are some of the gaps companies are facing.

Financial losses due to bad hardware management

Manage all aspects of an asset’s lifecycle from usage to depreciation, ensuring your investments generate the expected ROI and growth.

Time wasted by IT managers
  • IT managers often spend a significant portion of their time on manual and inefficient hardware management tasks.
  • A study by 1E found that IT professionals spend about 30% of their time on routine, non-strategic tasks, such as troubleshooting and maintenance.
Impact of asset tracking on cost savings
  • Implementing an efficient asset tracking system can lead to substantial cost savings for companies.
  • A study conducted by Aberdeen Group revealed that organizations with effective asset management strategies can achieve up to 30% cost savings on hardware and software purchases.
Asset management challenges

A white paper published by Deloitte highlights that many organizations struggle with keeping accurate records of their hardware and software assets, leading to potential compliance issues and overspending.

Benefits of automated procurement systems
  • Companies that adopt automated procurement systems for managing hardware and assets often experience reduced stockouts and better inventory control.
  • According to a study by APQC, organizations with automated procurement systems have 28% lower procurement processing costs than those with manual processes.
ROI of asset tracking solutions

Research by Gartner shows that implementing an asset tracking solution can lead to a return on investment (ROI) of 200% or more due to improved asset utilization and reduced maintenance costs.

Environmental impact of efficient hardware management

A report by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) suggests that better hardware management, including asset tracking and optimization, can contribute to significant energy savings and reduce electronic waste.

Additional Services

Cant find what you need? Browse our additional service options.

IT procurement

Meet all your IT procurement needs with our enhanced IT procurement services on dots platform for a seamless experience.

Delivery & deployment

Simplify your global logistics with Dots’ delivery and deployment options in more than 150 locations around the world.


Integrate Dots’ platform with your preferred tools and platforms for a holistic experience. A smooth process for your employees It and HR teams.

Storge & warehousing

Storge you IT equipment with Dots’ warehouses that are spared around the globe and enables IT asset management lifecycle at scale.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Dots’ remote onboarding and offboarding services integrated with our GLS and IT asset management will Increased productivity bring faster time-to-value and reduced training overhead.

Success Stories

Our clients’ feedback says it all.

Reviews from the web

“Before Dots, managing onboarding logistics was a nightmare, keeping all the data on Google Sheets just doesn’t make sense.”

Liron B. – Globaldots

“The transparency and how easy it is tracking my assets is what makes all the difference from others solutions.”

Sollis G.- Coralogix

“I thought the headache of globally managing equipment deployment and onboarding would never end, but then I found Dots.”

Tatyana R.- Lampa

“The platform is extremely user-friendly, allowing easy tracking, monitoring, and real-time equipment purchasing its seamless integration with existing systems and its transparent delivery process have greatly streamlined our operations.”

Serge T.
Serge T. – Habitat

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