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Key features

End to end solution

Streamlining processes and delivering comprehensive results. From beginning to end, we’ve got you covered.


Managing IT asset management can be a complex task, from large enterprises who deals with IT infrastructure management to small businesses that need IT purchasing solutions. Our ITAM software is cloud-based and offers a simple and intuitive way for IT asset management from anywhere in the world. With real-time updates and a user-friendly interface, tracking, monitoring and purchasing your equipment is easier than ever before.

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On-off boarding

Streamline your employee remote onboarding and offboarding process. Fast delivery and global coverage make it easy to connect your workers with the IT infrastructure they need, no matter where they are.




Seamless integration with your existing HR and ERP systems, providing a smooth and hassle-free IT automation software experience. With API access for further customization and flexibility, you can tailor our solution to fit your unique needs and requirements.

Repairs & Insurance

We provide top-notch customer support and peace of mind for organizations. With our expert team and comprehensive insurance coverage, we ensure that our clients’ equipment and assets are promptly repaired and protected against unforeseen damages or losses.

Warehouse storage

With multiple global locations for maximum flexibility You can control your IT inventory management and IT purchasing, while our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. And with full transparency at every step of the process, you can be rest assured that your IT inventory management is safe and secure.

A powerful platform

A powerful ITAM software, combined with a world-class logistics network, allows organizations
to quickly and easily buy, ship, support, and retrieve equipment and assets anywhere in the world.

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Success Stories

Our clients’ feedback says it all.

Reviews from the web

“Before Dots, managing onboarding logistics was a nightmare, keeping all the data on Google Sheets just doesn’t make sense.”

Liron B. – Globaldots

“The transparency and how easy it is tracking my assets is what makes all the difference from others solutions.”

Sollis G.- Coralogix

“I thought the headache of globally managing equipment deployment and onboarding would never end, but then I found Dots.”

Tatyana R.- Lampa

“The platform is extremely user-friendly, allowing easy tracking, monitoring, and real-time equipment purchasing its seamless integration with existing systems and its transparent delivery process have greatly streamlined our operations.”

Serge T.
Serge T. – Habitat

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