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Our story

In 2023, Alon Zlatkin and Yuval Rachlin, leveraging their profound insights from Global Dots, initiated Dots to revolutionize IT asset management and IT procurement processes. What began as a project to automate and streamline these complex processes using an innovative ITAM software.

Globaldots a 20 years old mature company was the first customer. We saw the problems that we faced as we built our distributed team and our product emerged as a result. This grounds us with a client centric problem-solving approach for our customers.

After raised $2M It quickly matured into a standalone company. In just one year, and has grown to a team of 23, operating from offices around the world , assisting over 100 clients across the US, Europe and Asia.

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Our mission is to disrupt the future of remote work

Dots’ mission is rooted in making IT asset management fast, easy and efficient for IT managers, focusing on asset lifecycle management, remote onboarding/offboarding and IT procurement. our SaaS solution is aimed at global distributed companies that want to act more efficiently, but also for small business who want to their IT asset management and remote onboarding and offboarding in order.

Dots ITAM software, combined with a world-class logistics network, embodies a commitment to innovation, easing the IT burdens for businesses and setting a new standard in the evolving landscape of remote work.

Alon Zlatkin Dots CEO
Alon Zlatkin
Co-founder and CEO

“At Dots, we envision a world where IT asset management is a seamless process ,not a barrier to success.”

“Our remote onboarding solution currently reducing costs by 54% for business worldwide.”

“We’re committed to simplifying and transforming IT asset management from a burden to an advantage.”

HQ team

HQ Team

Driven by excellence, our headquarters team focuses on strategic decision-making to develop premier products and bring the best service that address every aspect of our clients’ requirements


Logistics Team

Our professional logistics team is the backbone of global logistics services, ensuring that your assets move efficiently from point A to point B, All over the world.

Design Team

Design team

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for esthetics, our design team strives to provide outstanding UX/UI solutions and superior product design experiences


R&D team

Specializing in rapid development and cutting-edge features, the R&D team is dedicated to continuously improving and delivering the best products. They bound to their pursuit of perfection.

Design team
R&D team

“Our focus is to eliminating inefficiencies, ensuring that businesses can focus on growth, rather than getting held down.”

“We’re not just building software; we’re constructing the backbone for remote work.”

Yuval Rachlin Chairman of Dots
Yuval Rachlin
Co-founder & Chairman

We’re a global team, uniting to connect the dots.

Many of us move around a lot. Here’s where we’re currently shipping code.