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Your business assets are crucial drivers of growth and success, but managing them efficiently can be a challenging task. Dots’ software for IT asset management is here to empower your team, streamline operations, and reduce costs and time by providing you with the industry’s leading IT asset management tool.

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Seamless remote Onboarding and Offboarding solutions

A powerful ITAM software, combined with a world-class logistics network.


Onboarding is the crucial process of integrating a new employee into your organization. With the increasing remote Onboarding work trend, providing a seamless onboarding experience becomes even more crucial.

At Dots, we specialize in corporate IT hardware onboarding, equipping  your new team members with the necessary tools to hit the ground running.

  • Increased productivity.
  • Faster time-to-value and reduced training overhead.
  • A fostered sense of efficiency that boosts confidence and accelerates process.


It is vital to manage Offboarding process efficiently to safeguard sensitive information and maintain a positive employer brand. At Dots, we recognize the significance of corporate hardware offboarding and offer comprehensive solutions to streamline this process.

A well-executed offboarding process demonstrates professionalism and care for your departing employees.

  • Protect your company’s data, maintain security protocols, and ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities.
  • A positive offboarding experience enhances the chances of alum employees speaking favorably about your company, contributing to a positive employer reputation.

So what do
we offer?

At Dots, we go beyond providing IT asset management services. Our ITAM software offers end-to-end supply chain and IT procurement services, along with full tracking capabilities. By entrusting, your company gains access to the following value-added benefits:

Efficiency and Reliability

Every step of the IT procurement, setup, and delivery process is executed with precision, leaving no room for errors.


We optimize costs, allowing your company to invest resources where they matter the most.

Security and Compliance

We adhere to stringent security protocols and SOC2, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Enhanced Employee Experience

A seamless remote onboarding and offboarding process improves your employees’ overall experience, leading to higher job satisfaction, retention rates and employer branding.


By delegating these critical processes to us, your HR ,IT and procurement teams can focus on strategic initiatives, driving your company’s success.

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