5 Favorable FirstBase Alternatives For IT Asset Management

Rik Chakrabarti
Rik Chakrabarti
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5 Favorable FirstBase Alternatives

In today’s world, effective IT asset management is a key driving factor for optimizing resources, controlling costs, and mitigating risks in an IT organization. FirstBase, a commonly used ITAM software for IT hardware asset management, may not serve the needs of all organizations. This article explores the five common FirstBase alternatives, to help find a bespoke solution customized to your specific needs.

FirstBase is an IT asset management company that assists organizations manage their physical equipment assets remotely. It provides asset lifecycle management services from IT procurement services to repairs, replacements, and end-of-life management. It also integrates with multiple apps and provides guaranteed service, worldwide coverage, and automation.

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Source: https://www.firstbase.com/

FirstBase Software for IT Asset Management – How It Facilitates Your Business?

Factors to consider for using FirstBase as an ITAM software

  • Enhance Onboarding Efficiency: FirstBase facilitates seamless onboarding processes through its intuitive self-serve ordering platform, offering a curated selection of IT peripherals and equipment. 
  • Optimize Offboarding Procedures: It ensures a hassle-free offboarding experience by managing equipment retrieval seamlessly, eliminating the complexities of reverse logistics. 
  • Streamline Lifecycle Management: Simplify IT asset management and storage with FirstBase’s centralized management system. From repairs to upgrades, they handle the entire lifecycle asset management while granting comprehensive visibility into inventory and assignments. 
  • Promote Sustainable Practices: Through efficient retrieval and lifecycle extension of remote devices, FirstBase aids in minimizing asset loss and reducing your organization’s IT carbon footprint. 

Why FirstBase Fails As The Foolproof IT asset management software

Key drawbacks that may be unavoidable for some organizations

  • The current portal’s functionality lacks comprehensive audit logging and robust view filtering capabilities. Enhanced visibility into asset details categorized by type and location would greatly improve clarity and usability. 
  • Based on reviews by users, there is a desire for broader API capabilities to facilitate smoother integration with other systems and maximize automation potential for IT infrastructure management.
  • The absence of a “cart” function, requiring individual requests for each item, presents a significant inconvenience, often leading to the need to manage multiple tabs or browser windows simultaneously.

Six Sigma Rules To Consider When Selecting the Optimal IT Asset Management Software

What are some of the key considerations to make when choosing the perfect ITAM software for your business?

Best ITAM software for asset management lifecycle

Source: Happay.com https://rb.gy/ant3w1 

Selecting the appropriate IT automation software plays a crucial role when it comes to informed decision-making. By having a comprehensive overview of their IT infrastructure, organizations can better plan for increasing effectiveness and efficiency as well as future investments, upgrades, or expansions.

Evaluate Your Requirements:

Initiate the process by meticulously assessing your organization’s specific IT Asset Management (ITAM) needs. Consider factors such as organizational size, asset volume, and any industry-specific compliance mandates.

Optimized Resource Allocation: 

Effective IT asset management ensures that resources are allocated efficiently. By accurately tracking assets and their usage, organizations can avoid overspending on unnecessary equipment or software licenses while ensuring that essential resources are readily available when needed.

User-Centric Interface:

Prioritize a system boasting a user-friendly interface. It should empower your IT personnel to navigate seamlessly with minimal training overhead.

Scalability Assurance:

Opt for a solution capable of seamlessly scaling alongside your organization. Scalability is paramount, particularly in anticipation of rapid organizational growth.

Integration Proficiency:

Ensure the ITAM system integrates seamlessly with your existing IT ecosystem, encompassing software applications, network infrastructure, and databases.

Comprehensive Support and Training:

Choose a vendor renowned for delivering exceptional customer support and comprehensive training resources. This proves invaluable when navigating implementation hurdles or resolving operational challenges.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can confidently select an asset management tool that aligns precisely with your organization’s objectives and requirements for all your IT purchasing and procurement needs.

Moreover, to assist you in exploring superior alternatives to Solar, we have meticulously curated a selection of tools engineered to enhance and optimize the asset management workflow with heightened efficacy.

5 Fabulous FirstBase Alternatives In 2024

We’ve created an assortment of the top 5 FirstBase alternatives to elevate your IT asset management. These options exhibit diverse features and functionalities to improve asset lifecycle management, optimize IT inventory management and simplify the overall asset lifecycle process.


Dots is an ITAM solutions provider with a mission to make asset management fast, easy, and efficient for IT managers, focusing on asset lifecycle management, remote onboarding/offboarding, and IT procurement

Dots is one of the best IT purchasing and remote onboarding tools for IT infrastructure management.

Source: https://dotstech.com/

Optimizing IT inventory management – How We Can Help?

Dots enables IT purchasing and procurement solutions for globally distributed companies that want to act more efficiently, along with small businesses that want their asset management lifecycle and remote onboarding and offboarding in order. Our state-of-the-art process provides IT hardware and peripherals for organizations to meet all their IT procurement needs as well as tracking and managing inventory through their proprietary IT inventory software. This makes Dots the game changer in IT hardware asset management.

Dots ITAM software, combined with a world-class logistics network, embodies a commitment to innovation, easing the IT burdens for businesses and setting a new standard in the evolving landscape of remote work. Our SaaS solution offers a simple and intuitive way to automate IT asset management and manage your assets from anywhere in the world. 

What makes Dots desirable as an IT inventory management platform?

  1. Powerful Asset management and tracking platform 
Best ITAM asset management software for IT asset management

Source: https://dotstech.com/services/it-asset-management/

With our proprietary IT inventory management system, you get the following advantages:

  • Eliminate asset loss: Prevent financial loss and asset misplacement by having instant access to asset information. Streamline processes to improve asset utilization and maximize ROI.
  • Actionable insights: Leverage Dots’ insightful reports to reduce costs and increase productivity. Identify asset bottlenecks and optimize asset utilization to boost efficiency.
  • Efficient item movement: Track assets across multiple locations and control item movement with precision. Schedule preventive maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Real-time visibility: Gain centralized information and updates on your assets from any device, anywhere, and anytime. Stay on top of your asset lifecycle, from requisition to retirement.

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  1. Full On/off boarding
Dots is one of the best ITAM tools for onboarding remote employees

Source: https://dotstech.com/services/remote-onboarding/

Onboarding: Dots offers a complete end-to-end supply chain and IT procurement services, along with full tracking capabilities to facilitate seamless onboarding/offboarding in your organization.

Our comprehensive remote onboarding solution helps equip your new team members with the necessary tools to hit the ground running. This in turn – 

  • Increases productivity.
  • Provides faster time-to-value and reduced training overhead.
  • Creates a fostered sense of efficiency that boosts confidence and accelerates process. 
Dots remote onboarding process makes it a top choice as an asset inventory management software.

Source: https://dotstech.com/services/remote-onboarding/

Offboarding: Dots provides a well-executed offboarding process with their proprietary corporate offboarding solution to :

  • Protect your company’s data, maintain security protocols, and ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities.
  • A positive offboarding experience enhances the chances of alum employees speaking favorably about your company, contributing to a positive employer reputation.

With the Dots advantage, you get – 

  • Enhanced Employee Experience: A seamless remote onboarding and offboarding process improves your employees’ overall experience, leading to higher job satisfaction, retention rates and employer branding.
  • Efficiency and Reliability: Every step of the IT procurement, setup, and delivery process is executed with precision, leaving no room for errors.
  • Security and Compliance: We adhere to stringent security protocols and SOC2, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
  • Time-saving: By delegating these critical processes to us, your HR, IT, and procurement teams can focus on strategic initiatives, driving your company’s success.

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Some other major advantages that make our solution one of the best IT asset management tools are given below

  • Advanced Integrations with HR (hibob babo HR) and ERP (Jamp, Kandji) solutions.
  • Provides warehouse storage for effective IT inventory management
  • Dots also assists with repairs and insurance for client organizations.
  • Enhanced Data wipes to meet your InfoSec requirements and offer a seamless remote offboarding experience.
  • World-class logistics 
  • Procurement Services – For IT purchasing and equipment     
  • A seamless client-centric approach
  • The company is relatively new in the market so many businesses may not have brand awareness and miss out on the unique advantages that Dots has to offer.
  • The ITAM software lacks a multilingual interface.

2.  deeploi  

Deeploi provides IT inventory management and IT purchasing services

Source: https://www.deeploi.io/

Deeploi offers a comprehensive IT solution, integrating a robust platform with top-tier IT operations services. Encompassing user onboarding and offboarding, service provision and support, cybersecurity measures, and network management, Deeploi addresses the full spectrum of an organization’s IT needs.

As mentioned in Capterra and G2, Deeploi focuses on IT-as-a-Service, not as a struggle, empowering businesses to thrive without IT complexities. With Deeploi, you can monitor IT operations effectively, remotely manage devices, establish software policies, and access real-time insights into your IT environment, ensuring seamless operational transparency and control.

  • Deeploi assists organizations to incorporate your HR software so that you can import employee data.
  • Deeploi’s Bundle mechanism is used to pre-define the IT setup of organizational employees. This setup can include devices, applications, and accounts.
  • Effective Inventory & Device Management
  • Provides cybersecurity and support
  • The system presents a considerable learning curve – some users may face complexities in mastering the platform, necessitating additional time and effort to attain proficiency.
  • Customization presents a challenge due to the limited number of filters provided by the system. Users may encounter difficulties in tailoring the system to meet their precise needs independently, potentially constraining their ability to fully optimize the platform for their specific requirements.

3. Oodles

Oodles homepage screenshot

Source: https://www.ooodles.com/gb/benefits/how-ooodles-makes-you-and-your-business-more-sustainable-with-latest-tech

Oodles is an IT asset management organization that caters to businesses by providing rental solutions for essential tech equipment. Their comprehensive inventory encompasses laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, and monitors, empowering businesses to outfit their workforce with the necessary tools for peak productivity. In the event of a malfunction, Oodles ensures seamless continuity by offering complimentary repairs or replacements for the faulty equipment. This not only safeguards operational efficiency but also alleviates potential frustrations for employees.

  • Wide range of IT hardware inventory assets
  • Provides sustainability by upgrading organizational tech from time to time using the reuse and recycle method.
  • Oodles also provides insurance coverage on their products for accidental damage and theft.
  • According to Trustpilot user reviews, there have been multiple issues with logistics where users have received damaged/non-functional products.
  • Customer support and resolution also take time and are not satisfactory according to some users.
4. Hofy
Hofy's website

Source: https://www.hofy.com/

Hofy is an asset management company that assists businesses in equipping their remote workforce. They provide solutions for onboarding new employees, managing equipment life cycles, and offboarding departing employees. Additionally, Hofy integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems, streamlining workflows and simplifying device management. They also follow SOC2 operational security standards and provide device security like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, hardware tracking etc.

  • Enhanced efficiency and flexibility with Mobile Device Management(MDM)
  • Highly efficient onboarding/offboarding process with hardware procurement and retrieval support.
  • Hofy provides 24/7 Hardware Support & Global Repairs for all customers.
  • No provision for ERP integration and support outside HR.
  • Extremely rich user interfaces may be too cumbersome for some customers and products may require advanced customer training and induction.
5. Allwhere
Allwhere's website

Source: https://www.allwhere.co/

Allwhere is an IT asset management and remote on/offboarding solutions provider. It collaborates closely with organizations to deploy comprehensive remote work solutions, overseeing the entire equipment lifecycle from procurement to disposal. 

Amidst dynamic market conditions and fluctuations in corporate financial allocations, Allwhere empowers HR, Operations, and IT departments to streamline processes and achieve cost savings. 

  • Global IT purchasing and deployment of hardware such as computers, accessories, monitors, and mobile devices. 
  • Allwhere provides end-to-end logistics with communication between employee and shipping partners to ensure proper delivery.
  • Efficient HRIS and IDP integration for fast remote on/offboarding.
  • Based on multiple user reviews on G2, multiple users have issues with website UI and navigation, making user experience challenging.
  • Company is still in the growth stage and customer support remains a major hurdle.


Choose not just the right ITAM software – but choose the ITAM software right

In the above article, we have listed all the possible options for the perfect asset inventory management software. Formulating an informed decision requires a thorough understanding of your organization’s unique prerequisites, alongside a meticulous assessment of the wide array of available choices. 

However, the ideal solution should not only cater to your present demands but also exhibit the versatility to expand alongside your organization, effectively confronting emerging obstacles as they arise. So remember, don’t just choose the right software for you – but make sure you choose the software (right) that suits your organizational needs. 

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